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Successful establishment requires that the willow crop is kept as free of weeds as possible. Weed control can either be achieved mechanically or chemically.


Inter-row cultivation, new technology developed by Nordic Biomass a/s. Ideal for weeding in older plantations, where roots makes out a problem for conventional line cultivation equipment.  Read more on our new line-cultivator here.

Recently planted field with weed
control using residual herbicide, note
where spraying stopped at the headland
 Atomizing sprayer

Well managed plantation


Fertilisation can either be achieved using chemical fertilisers, or by spreading slurry manure, sludge, wastewater or other organic residues. The planting system should take into account the chosen form of fertiliser.

Fertiliser can be applied after harvest, or at other times using a high level fertiliser spreader. Where organic fertiliser is to be used, access roads can be incorporated to permit spreading, as pictured here in Skagen Municipality, Denmark
new crops land selection
soil preparation
variety selection
willow harvesting
Chipping of whole rods

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