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willow harvesting

Nordic Biomass has acquired unique experience in relation to the development, construction and servicing of harvesting machinery for willow. A number of harvesters have been developed with financial support from domestic and international development funds. In addition to many years of experience harvesting willow in Denmark, we have also harvested willow and similar energy crops in countries such as Italy and Sweden.

Conditions premising harvest services offered by Nordic Biomass


Willow is harvested during the winter season, after defoliation

Willow can either be harvested as rods or using ‘direct cut and chip’ harvesting. Rod harvesting is ideal when producing cuttings or fences, but is also an option if one wants to dry the willow before it is chipped. Wet woodchips are difficult to store, and when delivering chips outside the harvesting season, stem harvesting can often be recommended. One can expect a better pricing on dry chips than wet chips at the power plant.

New test report on chipping of whole stem harvested willow
Nordic Biomass also offers advice on chipping of whole stem harvested willow; and on the 27th of September 2007 invited to a demonstration of wood chippers working in whole stem harvested willow. Read the report here.

Harvesting technology for willow is under constant development, and despite several available solutions, the existing technology still requires further optimisation. The machinery shown provides an up-to-date picture of current harvesting technology. Nordic Biomass has some of these harvesters at its disposal, others are running at colleagues.

harvest technologies developed and run by Nordic Biomass a/s

First generation
Tractor-mounted whole rod harvester – technology developed by Nordic Biomass for 2-3 year-old willow

Second generation
THE ALL-ROUNDER - selfpropelled whole stem harvester developed by Nordic Biomass a/s.

Third generation
THE MANTIS - self-propelled whole rod harvester developed by Nordic Biomass – harvesting 2-4 year-old willow

Fourth generation
STEMSTER TR - tractortrailed whole stem harvester. Developed by Nordic Biomas a/s in 2006.Manages to off-load with a high grade of precision which ensures a fast and rational chipping.

New harvesting equipment is continuously being developed by Nordic Biomass

Other technologies

Empire 2000 – self-propelled whole rod harvester – has been running in Nordic Biomas.
Claas harvester with a willow header – direct chipping. 2-4 year old willow. Has been running in Nordic Biomass, but the wet woodchips makes it less ideal for Nordic Biomass. Has been sold to Ireland.
Austoft harvester with direct chipping. Tested at Nordic Biomass - but produces wet woodchips.



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