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harvest of salix

Conditions premising harvest services offered


To make the best possible use of our willow harvesters we ask interested customers to contact us well in advance before the harvest season starts. The harvest season usually starts late November, and runs until early March, and we try to plan the harvest season no later than August. This also gives us time to determine if the willow is ready for harvest, or it can wait another year.

 Our regular customers, meaning customers with fields that we have planted or harvested earlier, will have first priority if necessary. 

To give the optimum service to our customers we have a list of requirements to the fields. This is to ensure that our harvesters can run as efficiently as possible. 

  • The headlands must be cleared, meaning NO PLANTING in headlands.
  • The headlands must be minimum 8 – 10 meters wide.
  • Make sure that space is available for the harvested material in or beside the field.
  • Rails to place the harvested willow on must be available (to keep it off the ground)
  • The diameter of the stems (at cutting height) must not exceed 70 mm on the largest shoots. (This is VERY important, if you do not harvest before the shoots get too thick, the chainsaw is the only option left!)

If you want more information regarding harvest, please send us an e-mail:

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