An Old Nordic Biomass a/s and a New Nordic Biomass a/s marks a change in the business areas in focus.

  From july 2011 - SRC technology  will be the main focus of business for what is to be named New Nordic Biomass a/s. Production of cuttings and planting services was for 23 years a major business in Old Nordic Biomass a/s. Millions of cuttings were sold and thousands of hectares has been planted in Denmark and abroad.





An increase in sale of machinery, combined with the fact that a new dealer structure has been launched for the SW willow varieties has lead to the conclusion, that the SRC technology as seen presented on the webpage for New Nordic Biomass is going to be the future for everyone working at Nordic Biomass.

Knowledge and know-how on planting services and production of cuttings will be maintained by the company Danling Growing, which is a co-operation partner for Nordic Biomass a/s. One can visit Danling Growing here.

To learn more of our work with willow - since the start in 1988 – feel free to visit the old webpage for the Old Nordic Biomass here. To see what we still do and offers of service, stay on the New Nordic Biomass pages.










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